5 Stages Of Building Trust In A Relationship

The depletion of trust can arise from losing commitment to one another and also through letting go of the needs of the partner focusing more on the individual needs. On the other hand, it can be rebuilt through proving commitment over time particularly in period of tests. Trust is considered to be built through testing, guided by the following stages:

Stage One: Commit and Declare

It is believed that the basis of trust is through committing of putting the needs of your partner first. Trust can’t be built once you are into focusing on your personal needs first. Building trust could be through declaring absolute commitment to the partner especially among married couples, where they can be reinforced through tapping a successful marriage counselling in Bella Vistafor a healthy relationship.

Stage Two: Create Heartfelt Emotion

Emotion that will offer love and healing must be observed. Connection between both of you must be heart to heart. Always stay in your heart up until all the negative emotions are to be outweighed through love and gratitude. Do not consider proceeding to stage three until you have this heartfelt emotion towards your partner.

Stage Three: Share, Listen, Learn

The truth about your feelings must be expressed, so listen to your partner but without trying to resolve or fix anything. There could be an expression of hesitation, doubt, disappointment and regret. And once these feelings happen, loving determination must be offered and so honour the partner’s needs as well. The feedback of your partner must be considered not as attack but rather a request of greater love.

Stage Four: Align and Create Vision

There must be an alignment between partners, so creating compelling future must be considered. Listen about the needs and requests of your partner, and think of ways on how to meet the underlying needs. Loving response must always be rendered. Never be tired of declaring commitment and love. Think about creating the same vision of the future through combining both of your needs.

Stage Five: Act of Love

Difficult conversations must be ended up through an act of love. It could be a hug, kiss, reference of happy memories or a promise. Failure in building trust could be experienced if you can’t end through an act of love. Going back to stages one to four should be considered and always remember that trust can either   win or lose only, no third option at all.

These are the stages of trust that you can build to make it your relationship successful. What could be the stage of your relationship right now?

But regardless of the stage that you are in, it is likely that you are facing mild to serious challenges on the way. If you think that you can no longer handle those challenges, it’s high time to hire Colleen Hurll’s couples counselling services and receive a great help to keep your relationship going in the right direction in every stage.

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