Dating after a divorce

Whilst our society favours long term relationships, we have seen a lot more divorces occurring; making us think twice about getting in a serious relationship. Those of us who have gone through a divorce can find it difficult to come back to dating as we fear we might repeat the same experience again; but luckily for us there are alternatives to traditional dating thanks to the world of internet dating. Let’s check out what the web has to offer, and we will see that we are not doomed to a life of post-divorce celibacy.

Dating websites

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The great thing about online dating is that you don’t have to look for a serious relationship, in fact there are plenty of people out there who are just looking to have some casual fun; favouring companionships and fun over love. Most people who have been in a divorce are not always keen to jump on the ‘serious relationship bandwagon’ again, but at the same time you don’t want to stay alone for too long as it makes it harder to get back on the horse. This is why using naughty dating sites like might just be the right thing as it allows us to have fun whilst not committing to anything too serious; and the good news is that using such website is actually pretty easy.

Did you say naughty dating?

Naughty dating, sex dating, adult dating; it’s all the same. You basically talk to people online until you feel comfortable meeting up with them for a bit of fun. This might sound a bit simple and shallow, but it is really just a bit of easy fun. Think about all the hardships you went through with your divorce; you know that you could probably do with some of that fun. Again we are not trying to sound too shallow, it’s just that going through hardship can make people twisted and bitter; and we think that is no way to live. If you go back into a serious relationship straight away, you are more likely to take out all your insecurities on your new partner; and they don’t deserve any of it. The way we see it, having fun is an essential aspect of life; and getting your rocks off might just turn you back into the person you once where before your divorce took place.

Getting back to normal

Of course naughty dating might just be a phase; but it will help you feel comfortable around people again until the point where you might consider getting back into a serious relationship. If this is the case, then you know that you naughty dating escapades have served their purpose: to get you back on the horse and persevere. However, some of us might decide that casual dating is something we want to do on a long term, and there is nothing wrong with that neither! After all once you’ve tasted the apple, it is sometimes difficult to turn back!

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